About Us
Hotel Dora is a boutique hotel situated on the south side of city Brasov, a beautiful city from Romania. Founded in 1999, the hotel opened with 16 guest bedrooms and was originally named Miorita Hotel. In 2004 the hotel was extended to 30 rooms and officially opened as Hotel Dora by romanian prime minister of that times. The number of rooms has since been extended and the hotel now stands at 36 guest rooms, most of which have views of the mountains. Hotel Dora is the number 1 choice for Brasov city visitors. Our central yet secluded location sets us apart from other hotels and guesthouses. We are proud to boast one of the highest rates of recurring guests in the city and look forward to welcoming you to the Dora family.
Booking a Room
Hotel Dora is situated on the south side of city Brasov on the street Danubium, number 146. It is a boutique hotel with a wonderfull view of the mountains. We offer to our clients all types of european room services for the customer fidelization. Also, we have all types of turistic programs that include holidays to the mountains or to the seaside or visiting programs to the most popular cities from Romania. We are proud of our services and of our program of customer fidelization. For booking a room you must create an account. Afterwards, you can book a room by choosing the type of the room, the number of nights of the booking period and the booking starting day. Also, the payment modality can be integrally or in monthly installments. Thank you for your attention.